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Without HackerIntro: You feel bothered being contacted about opportunities that might not be relevant to you, or simply at the wrong time.

With HackerIntro: You get introduced to relevant companies and opportunities on your own terms — without missing out on the most interesting stuff.

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HI, my name is Yurii. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and I run HackerIntro.

Chances are, you often receive e-mails that roughly look like this:

recruiter <recruiting@amazing.co>
to me ▼

Hey, found your profile and was really impressed. We at Amazing Company are building X and I thought you might be a good match.

Let me know if you want to chat!

Have you ever felt unsure how to deal with these?

Should you respond? It seems to be a polite thing to do. On the other hand, engaging takes time and energy, while saying "no" doesn't always feel good.

In fact, at the right time, it might have been an interesting opportunity for you. But instead, it becomes an email you never replied to.

We want to create new relationships that work out great. And we do this by giving you a way to communicate your availability, interests and aspirations to most qualified matching opportunities.


Smart Mailbox

You can now control your inbound & outbound communications with recruiters.

Our special-built email management system allows to validate inbound contact and relay messages to and from you at the time when it's convenient for you, preserving your privacy.


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Job ads format leaves a lot to desire, and they are still ads.

So we came up with something better — a personalized weekly newsletter for engineers that features interesting companies.

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