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Right Opportunities

Without HackerIntro: The life of a freelancer can be unpredictable. Having to turn work down work at times only to have the stream dwindle later on.

With HackerIntro: You can learn about challenges companies are facing through their insights. Solve their problems when they need it most helps to build long-term relationships.

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Unpredictable Doesn't Mean Bad


HI, my name is Yurii. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and I run HackerIntro.

I get the life of a freelancer. I've been one for a long time. Often, the word "unpredictable" has a negative meaning to it. As in, sometimes your earnings are excellent, and at times, you struggle to find engaging work to your liking.

Our goal is to help you discover the best opportunities for exciting and engaging work when it matters most to you and the prospective clients.


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Our clients publish insights about their inner workings, as well as successes and challenges they are encountering.

You can use this to your advantage and keep tabs on companies that match your profile. If they face a particular problem and you're the one that can solve it — hey, it's a great way to start a fruitful relationship!


Opportunity Scanner

We are working on processing public & private activity feeds to discover enclosed opportunities for project work.

Scheduled for 2022

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