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Ensure the company always has access to talent.

Long Term Vision

Without HackerIntro: You aren't always able to meet the hiring needs of the business. Talent availability can be scarce at times.

With HackerIntro: You can start nurturing the candidates way before they will be looking for a new job. Then, you can start turning them into active candidates as needs arise.

Getting through

Recruitment Starts with a Relationship


HI, my name is Yurii. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and I run HackerIntro.

Hiring for a growing business in a competitive market isn't the simplest thing to do. Your recruiters might be delivering inconsistent results, and job listings may be providing low-quality turnout.

There are many things in talent acquisition that didn't change much with the times. We're still often relying on job ads (however well written, they are still advertisements), we're still reading resumes in a digital equivalent of a printed brochure.

While there is nothing wrong with these, it's often just not enough to be on the top of your game.

We are unbundling and critically analyzing this process. We want to help you understand your needs better and fill them successfully and on time.

Resume Search

Find software engineers faster than anybody.

Our automated indexing engine finds new and updates resumes as quickly as possible and lets you search for them in our centralized database. Be the first one to talk to them!

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Insights Newsletter

Job ads format leaves a lot to desire, and they are still ads.

So we came up with something better — a personalized weekly newsletter for engineers that features interesting companies.

Nurturing interests of passive candidates turns them into active ones when an opportunity presents itself.


Team Intelligence

Your own team is the source of the best intelligence when it comes to hiring.

We help capturing the needs of your team within insight collection cycles when we feature your company.

Integrations with your chat system, tickets, and version control allow us to receive secondary signals that help to unearth pain points and strains before they become critical.

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