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Smart Recruitment

Without HackerIntro: You do your research and contact many leads, but too many of them don't convert or even respond.

With HackerIntro: You can reach out to candidates when they are most likely to respond. You can signal your competence by ensuring proper targeting, resulting in better conversion rates.

Getting through

Recruitment Starts with a Relationship


HI, my name is Yurii. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and I run HackerIntro.

Let me start here: being a recruiter isn't for the faintest of heart. You pour hours of research into finding suitable candidates and experiment with your messaging, yet you often get rejected or ignored.

There are many reasons why this happens. For example, the timing can be off, or the opportunity is not clear enough for them. Your e-mail might have fallen through the cracks.

Software engineers often receive messages that roughly look like this:

recruiter <recruiting@amazing.co>
to me ▼

Hey, found your profile and was really impressed. We at Amazing Company are building X and I thought you might be a good match.

Let me know if you want to chat!

While there is nothing really wrong with this, it's often just not enough to get through.

We are fixing this process. We want to help you find the best engineers and make a connection at the right time. Simple as that.

Resume Search

Find software engineers faster than anybody.

Our automated indexing engine finds new and updates resumes as quickly as possible and lets you search for them in our centralized database. Be the first one to talk to them!

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Action Signals

We send you notifications when candidates are most likely to be receptive to your messages.

By analyzing activity feeds of potential candidates and combining the results with their preferences, we can optimize the scheduling and delivery of your communications.


Insights Newsletter

Job ads format leaves a lot to desire, and they are still ads.

So we came up with something better — a personalized weekly newsletter for engineers that features interesting companies.

Nurturing interests of passive candidates turns them into active ones when an opportunity presents itself.

Signing up innovative recruiters

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