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Developers publish hundreds of resumes every day. These are great signals for openness. Do you want to leverage this?

With HackerIntro, you get resumes in real-time as we crawl and index our sources 24/7 so that you focus on the next steps.

1,492 new resumes sourced in the last 7 days, bringing the total to 181,345


HI, my name is Yurii and I am the founder of HackerIntro.

Let me start here: being a recruiter isn't for the faintest of heart. You pour hours of research into finding suitable candidates, only to find them already talking to somebody else. And who knows how many candidates have you missed?

One of the reasons this is happening is that you rely on vetted marketplaces or do occasional searches on different platforms.

Neither produces the most up-to-date or comprehensive search results.

This is what we're fixing with Resume Search. We constantly search for new resumes and compile a centralized database you can explore. Our purpose-built crawler uses quality sources to find this information.

Our engine constantly monitors for new and updated resumes. It's a strong signal that their authors may be open to a conversation. Now you can impress them by contacting them as soon as they publish.

Resume Search

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