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Without HackerIntro: You tirelessly try to find potential candidates on GitHub, through web search, publications and so on. Getting a comprehensive view is difficult.

With HackerIntro: You can find resumes of candidates shortly after they are published. We get the resumes as soon as we can find them. You focus on picking the right candidates.

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HI, my name is Yurii. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and I run HackerIntro.

Let me start here: being a recruiter isn't for the faintest of heart. You pour hours of research into finding suitable candidates, only to find them already talking to somebody else. And who knows how many candidates have you missed?

One of the reasons this is happening is that you rely on vetted marketplaces or do occasional searches on different platforms.

Neither produces the most up-to-date or comprehensive search results.

This is what we're fixing with Resume Search. We constantly search for new resumes and compile a centralized database you can search.

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We are employing both manual and Machine Learning methods to extract the most relevant information out of the resumes so that you can get your job done faster with better results.

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